CHANOYUFA visual poem

Chanoyu A visual poem Weaving the four seasons (with English subtitles)
An almanac of the four seasons focusing on the annual functions of Omotesenke.

Created by Omotesenke Fushin'an,and Telecom Staff

DVD 30 mins. Price including tax: 10,000 yen
  Omotesenke tea rooms and tea garden
  Spring Obukucha (tea for good luck in the coming year)
Hatsugama (first tea gatherings of the year)
Rikyuki (memorial gathering for RIkyu)
Nijojo Cherry blossom viewing tea gathering
  Summer Shoburo (first brazier gathering)
Yasaka Shrine kenchashiki (tea offering)
Jukoin Tsukigama (monthly tea gathering)
Hassaku(Exchange of greetings on August 1)
  Autumn Tennenki (memorial gathering for Joshinsai) Kuchikiri (breaking the seal on the new jar of tea)
  Winter Robiraki (opening the hearth)
Memorial service for the founder of Daitokuji Temple
Shimai keiko (last day of practice)
Music Hajime Mizoguchi (composer/cellist)
Commentary Soya Hisada
  The heart of chanoyu speaks through the changing of the seasons
Explanatory pamphlet  B6 size Standard book  
32 pages  colour

CHANOYU A visual poem

Japanese Tea Culture The OMOTESENKE Tradition

A visual poem