Chanoyu, as well as being enjoyable, is also a way of cultivating oneself. With the accumulation of keiko (practice) on which it is based, the spirit of tea is realized, and as we get older we can look forward to a deeper enjoyment of tea. In addition to the daily practice with a teacher, there is an opportunity for direct guidance from an Iemoto instructor in the Fushin'an short training course for young people and a get-together for those who have finished the course. At each chapter there are also training courses for all members, for those with qualifications and for instructors.


Introducing The Culture of Chanoyu

Omotesenke's Functions

Omotesenke Training Courses Fushin'an Short Training Course Training Course for All Members
Training Course for Qualified Teachers
Training Course for Masters

The Exchange of Chanoyu Culture

Omotesenke Domonkai