There are various tea functions held by the Iemoto and Domonkai. Many have become customary over a long period of time. Firstly, there are the functions held by the Iemoto, such as kencha (tea offerings at temples and shrines) and tea gatherings. Also the Omotesenke members and Domonkai members are very active in holding a great variety of functions for fellow members. There are the national conventions that Domonkai members from all over the country attend, chapter conventions and functions at chapters all over the country, gatherings for the younger generation, and so on, showing the many ways of enjoying tea. Also there are award ceremonies, held along with the Domonkai, for those who have rendered distinguished services in various fields.


Introducing The Culture of Chanoyu

Omotesenke's Functions Functions at The Iemoto The Iemoto's Kencha (Dedicatory Tea Gathering) Iemoto Kakegama National Conventions Chapter Conventions Chapter Functions Gatherings of The Youth Section Awards for Distinguished Service
Kiju (77th Birthday) Celebration

Omotesenke Training Courses

The Exchange of Chanoyu Culture

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